Meet Kenson

Kenson Junicue is an award-winning screenwriter based in Los Angeles. Two years ago, he quits his job as an Investment Banker on Wall Street and moved to LA to pursue my passion as a Filmmaker. Two years later, after having produced two short films and worked on different movies and TV shows as a script coordinator and tech adviser, he's now working on his first feature film "Incomplete", a character-driven drama story about black identity. Think Moonlight meets Greenbook. And a comedy pilot " Grow up, Charlie" about growing up privileged, a series inspired by the iconic baby in the former Disney show “Good luck Charlie”.

As a writer, Kenson possesses the skillful ability to understand a protagonist's inner pain and journey. His work has been recognized by Austin Film Festival, International Independent Film Awards, Big Break, The Script Lab and many other prestigious industry professionals. In his spare time, Kenson enjoys spending time with his family, traveling the world and giving back to his community.